Black Witches Salt

Black Witches Salt

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Made under ritual
Ingredients: 1 Obsidian tumbles per jar. Australian Salt, Himalayan salt, Ash, Charcoal, Australian Grown and dried Rosemary & Sage We have added Crystal Quartz Chips and Black Obsidian chips to the mix to add a extra oomph.
This is great for protecting your home or self.

All ingredients are blended within Australia using local & imported ingredients.
Each jar is 100grams inside and includes an obsidian tumble.

#1- Protecting your house
Protecting ones house you must first cleanse the house. You should do this by smudging your house with White Sage or washing your walls and floors in Rosemary hot water. Cleansing your home releases any negative energies or static from your home. After doing so, close all doors and windows to your home before sprinkling this around the outside of your home, against the brickwork of your house with no gaps showing.

#2 - Protecting a room
Put the Black Witches Salt into a bowl and place in the room that you are wanting to protect. Place in an open bowl or leave the jar open on a flat surface.

#3 - Protecting yourself
Put some of the Black Witches Salt into a small bag or in a small jar and place around your neck or in your bag or packets. You can also place it in your car for protection.

Please not that as energy healers or witches we all do things a little differently than one another. So what you read above may be slightly different to what you were previously told or taught and that is okay and perfectly fine to follow too. This is the lessons that we at Luna Crystalz have undertaken and practiced and know that works within ourselves and magicks.