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Luna Crystalz Perth

Afghan Jade Peace Hand

Afghan Jade Peace Hand

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176g - 9cm tall x 5.5cm wide

I feel like snakes get a real bad rap, and I kinda admire them. After hatching, they are independent, making their way in a really tough world. As they grow, they shed off their scaly skin and start fresh, larger and stronger. They can move elegantly and gracefully, but when they need to they can strike rapidly and mercilessly. They may creep some people out, but I think we could learn a thing or two from snakes: independence helps us grow, as we go through life we will struggle, but sometimes the best thing we can do is shed off our old ways of thinking and go forward a better version of ourselves and having the wisdom to know when to move away gracefully from a situation or strike head on. Although I admire snakes, my home is not the place for them, so next best thing to manifest these reptilian attributes is Serpentine. Beautiful, yet striking it encourages you to be a strong independent person that takes sh*t from nobody. Go get it!
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