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Luna Crystalz Perth

Green Strawberry Quartz Skull

Green Strawberry Quartz Skull

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657g - 7.5cm tall x 5.6cm wide

Green Strawberry Quartz have healing properties of Green Aventurine and Clear Quartz. As Clear Quartz is an amplifier, Green Strawberry Quartz is much stronger than Green Aventurine, and give a more uplifting and cheerful energy.

Alleviates stress and promotes a serene attitude. In cases of sleep disturbances, it helps to clear the thoughts and has a calming effect letting your worried mind rest for a while. It is also known to attract abundance and bring luck to its wearer.
Believed to amplify creativity and openness to relationships.
It is essential when manifesting intentions. It encourages thought clarity and heightens the purpose in your heart and mind. It is a powerful stone for energy as it enhances all levels. Clear quartz helps to establish a strong, clear connection with what you desire making it a wonderful crystal to use during meditation, manifestation rituals and for everyday use with your crystals to amplify their healing properties.
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