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Luna Crystalz Perth

Large Jade Money Frog

Large Jade Money Frog

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Each one weighs rounghly 500g - Stands 6.5cm Tall x 7.5cm wide x 13cm long

The feng shui money frog, better known as the three-legged toad, is a popular Chinese symbol that is used as a feng shui adjustment to attract wealth and prosperity. The three-legged toad is also connected to long life and good luck. As one of the more traditional feng shui cures, the three-legged toad is most often used to bring in more financial abundance.

The imagery of the three-legged toad is common in Chinese decorative art. It's most often found as a small figurine made of metal or a semi-precious stone-like jade. In ancient Chinese motifs, the toad and frog are often used interchangeably. Sometimes, the toad will have different representations on its back or crown of its head, like the yin and yang symbol. In most cases the three-legged toad is found with a coin in its mouth, sitting on top of a bed of coins or gold ingots. It always has two front legs, and one back leg or tail (like a tadpole tail), hence the name three-legged toad.

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