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Luna Crystalz Perth

Pyrite in Garden Quartz Sphere

Pyrite in Garden Quartz Sphere

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73g - 3.1cm in Diameter


We told you we love inclusions; you know those lovely little bits that are stuck inside of crystals. Sometimes it can be internal cracks that refract light and create rainbows, if you’re really lucky you can even find an enhydro crystal (one containing water). We love and believe in inclusion so why wouldn’t we love “inclusion quartz” or Lodolite. Lodolite goes by many names: “inclusion quartz”, “garden quartz”, “landscape quartz” and “shaman stone” to name a few. It is a quartz that has beautiful inclusions of other crystals within in, making it appear as if it contains a little environment within its crystalline structures. Lodolite is a stone of meditation and transformation allowing us to see possibilities for change and growth. Expand your own limitations and grow with Lodolite.

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